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A private portrait vs a business one.


professional business portrait of young woman with long hairWhy a private portrait is more valuable than a business one?

Could this be true?

A business portrait is supposed to help you make more money, to help you to become richer. To make you look credible and professional, on and off-line.

And isn’t THIS your priority these days? Social and other media try to convince us of this.

It might be true, but just for a certain moment in our lives. When we change our job, our boss or our social role but a portrait taken for specific business purpose becomes irrelevant the moment you change that job or position.

private portrait of serena, donna con la testa appoggiata sulle braccia sul tavolo

However, this doesn’t happen when we have a private portrait taken which truly represents a link in our life-story chain. Without that moment our life wouldn’t be the same. The moment that captures the intimate connection and interaction between two people, model and photographer. The moment we decide to reveal ourselves, to be seen from another prospective. To expand our vision and opinion of ourselves.

Do you agree? Let’s talk about it!

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