Finally hot weather!  Let’s go to the sea! Yes, playing with a sand and stones, constructing a castle with my brothers and with mom and dad…Beautiful time, but soo tiring…

three kids playing on the beach with sand

girl in white dress with crying baby in background

mom with three kids playing on the sea beach

boy siblings on the beach

little girl is playing on the beach building castle with the sand

tired baby girl on the beach

detail arm with sand on

sleeping baby girl on the beach

baby boy is leaning mom's legs

big brother helping little on the beach

Shooting for blogger Easymomswissmade and Depetit, kids clothes

ritratto jana sulla scala

Pensi che non faccia per te? Ti assicuro che non è così!

Ogni persona a suo modo è meravigliosa. .

Ti spiegherò come raccontarti, con le tue foto.