Pleased to meet you!

About me.

My open heart is always ready for You, together with years of professional experience, to find that beauty and uniqueness in every single human being and situation to create an album of wonderful memories to treasure forever.

I am a freelance professional photographer based in Northern Italy and Slovakia since 1995. Born in 1972 in Bratislava.

My specialties are Female portrait and her storytelling, and Family reportages photography.

My mission is to help You to open the closed door. To show you the beauty where you don’t expect it.

If you seek for having a relaxed time, authenticity, kindness with a bit of irony we are a good fit. 

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I like to feel the wind on my on my face, to observe a ray of light which changes the aspect of very familiar thing in a single moment of time. I always travel with something blue without realizing it, and I often wear a pair of red shoes. I love people and I love to be constantly reminded that everyone has something valuable to give.