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Family with a dog

Saturday story of Michela. Saturdays always ethnic food. All of us in kitchen, everyone is preparing a little piece. And then just relax… BOOK YOUR OWN LOVE STORY SHOOT TODAY

Why you should print your photographs?

  5  STORIES TO TELL YOU WHY :::::::::::::::::::::::: I come home after a tiring and bad day. I sit down to have a drink and stare blankly at the wall. Suddenly I feel better and realize that I am fortunate and happy and understand that a bad day is just a first world problem. I...

“Non voglio un estraneo a casa mia…”

  REPORTAGE DI FAMIGLIA  MA CHE COSA E’?? E PERCHE’ FARLA? Reportage familiare arriva da noi come proposta per le famiglie dall’America (come tanti altri stili fotografici e non). Arriva con il termine Documentary family photography o Family photojournalism, o ormai tanto inflazionato termine Storytelling photography. In Italia ancora molto poco conosciuto e richiesto.( Potrei fare...

Real is a new perfect!

TURIN PHOTO CHALLENGE FOR EXPATS In the 3 provided boxes on a downloadable pdf list 3 people close to you (think spouse, child, parent, grandparent). Next, write the first 3 memories that come to mind of time shared with each person (like the summer spent making cookies with grandma in the family cottage). Think about:...

Gaia per sempre

“Cucuu, mi chiamo Gaia e sono una bambina fortunata. Ho due genitori che mi amano e un nome che mi porterà sempre la gioia…”

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