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Le mer…

Finally hot weather!  Let’s go to the sea! Yes, playing with a sand and stones, constructing a castle with my brothers and with mom and dad…Beautiful time, but soo tiring… Shooting for blogger Easymomswissmade and Depetit, kids clothes

Family with a dog

Saturday story of Michela. Saturdays always ethnic food. All of us in kitchen, everyone is preparing a little piece. And then just relax… BOOK YOUR OWN LOVE STORY SHOOT TODAY

Essence of your daily life

CAPTURING THE ESSENCE OF YOUR DAILY LIFE. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in 10 years time. Imagine holding in your hands some photographs we have taken together. My photographic style is all about recognizing yourself, “that’s me!”. You will see with your heart the atmosphere of your daily life and a nostalgia for what...

Why you should print your photographs?

  5  STORIES TO TELL YOU WHY :::::::::::::::::::::::: I come home after a tiring and bad day. I sit down to have a drink and stare blankly at the wall. Suddenly I feel better and realize that I am fortunate and happy and understand that a bad day is just a first world problem. I...

Perchè stampare?

5 PICCOLE STORIE PER RISPONDERE allora perchè stampare?   Entro in casa, dopo la giornata piena di rompimenti, stanca e un po’ demotivata. Mi siedo un attimo per rilassarmi con un bicchiere di bibita fresca e d’un tratto l’occhio mi cade sul muro antistante. In un istante il mio stato cambia, il caldo al cuore mi...

“Non voglio un estraneo a casa mia…”

  REPORTAGE DI FAMIGLIA  MA CHE COSA E’?? E PERCHE’ FARLA? Reportage familiare arriva da noi come proposta per le famiglie dall’America (come tanti altri stili fotografici e non). Arriva con il termine Documentary family photography o Family photojournalism, o ormai tanto inflazionato termine Storytelling photography. In Italia ancora molto poco conosciuto e richiesto.( Potrei fare...

Real is a new perfect!

TURIN PHOTO CHALLENGE FOR EXPATS In the 3 provided boxes on a downloadable pdf list 3 people close to you (think spouse, child, parent, grandparent). Next, write the first 3 memories that come to mind of time shared with each person (like the summer spent making cookies with grandma in the family cottage). Think about:...

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