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Essence of your daily life

Capturing the essence of your daily life.

Boy laughing with closed eyes laying on the grass with the mom kissing him

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in 10 years time.

Imagine holding in your hands some photographs we have taken together.

My photographic style is all about recognizing yourself, “that’s me!”. You will see with your heart the atmosphere of your daily life and a nostalgia for what it really is. The photographs that you hold in your hands have captured the essence of what your life was and is: because life IS.


I am a professional photographer and mother of 2 children. I believe in the importance and the value of producing a truly honest portrait as well as believing that the suitcase of family memories are made up by the imperfect harmony of everyday life.

In the future when we look at our photographs, it is unimportant to see perfection, but real life authentic pictures of ourselves and our loved ones. That is what I aim to achieve.

When you open your door and let me into the intimacy of your home for a few hours I will capture the essence of the people that share your life for now and always in a discrete and natural way perhaps finding the magic in your home and family that you do not always see.

woman with long hair keeps in shoulder the little kid while shopping on outside market

My clients have included Raffaella, exhausted from a sleepless night with her teething baby. Tatiana, single mother, the house in chaos as she struggled to get ready to leave on holiday. Roberta and Daniela, a wonderful loving couple distraught because little Charlie had caught a cold and Marie, the imperfect yet perfect mother buried under clothes and toys…

Smartphone vs professional camera. Occasional shooter vs experienced one.

As opposed to photographs taken every day on smartphones and tablets, I offer you a constructed photographic narrative with yourself as a protagonist and then help you to choose and create your album as a lasting document.

As a mother I often regret that I have very few good shots of me with my kids.

Why? I am the one who takes the photos! The occasional desperate selfies are of course not taken without me realizing. They can never transmit those tender moments with my beloved children. As much as I try to be spontaneous I can never not be in control of a self-portrait.

This missing part in my life convinces me that what I can offer to other parents is priceless. High resolution photos that can be printed in large format. Lenses that do not distort faces like smartphones. A high quality and long lasting memory of moments lived and loved.

For you, me as a professional and artist I put my heart, eyes and intuition into becoming an external observer with no filters, enabling you to discover new things about the loved ones in your life. (read what Michela says)

mother is playing cucu with little boy

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