“I like to feel the air on my face, discover the sunlight that changes the shapes of known things, without a plan or a concept. I always wear something blue and often a pair of red shoes. I love people and I love confirmation that everyone has something beautiful to give.”


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My name is Jana Sebestova and I am a professional photographer.
I was born and grew in Bratislava and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in in 1995.

I grew up with film (not digital!) and spent hours and hours in the darkroom developing my black and white prints working to achieve the results that satisfied me.

I arrived in Turin in 1993 having been awarded a scholarship from the Fondazione Italiana per la Fotografia. And the city has since become my home where I work and live with my Italian husband (Piemontese doc) and two (already grown-up) children.

Since 1998 I have worked with my husband Giancarlo Tovo in our studio in Turin and throughout Italy providing services of commercial photography interiors, event coverage and portraiture.
5 must-have I offer
  • EMOTION: the intangible spark that a photograph needs to communicate
  • AUTHENTICITY: I photograph people as they really are, not posed, without props, I use light, frame it and capture a moment. I want you to recognize yourself in your photograph.
  • ESSENCE: perpetual research of the truly authentic shot.
  • RESPECT: my models can feel free to be themselves, without judgment or scrutiny. I take time to let them overcome their shyness in front of a camera, and allow their personality to shine.
  • KINDNESS: I love the diversity of people I encounter in my work and this helps me to be empathic, discreet, patient and help you to relax under the spotlight.

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