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Who is this for ?

If you are a positive, curious, open-minded and independent woman, who loves your life and wishes to leave behind a great testimony, this kind of sessions and photographic style will fit to you. Let’s leave clichès behind!

What we can do together ?

We are surrounded with session opportunities. Life is a journey and though the years we live so many moments which create our life chain.

Every life event brings various moments we can document. I give you just some ideas and you can go on with your creativity.

  • Announcing the pregnancy – you can be with your man, parents, friends, whoever.

  • Pregnant life

  • Baby’s homecoming – first 48 hours

  • I can sit! I can walk!
  • Dress-up or pretend

  • Homework and studying

  • First shaving / make-up

  • Family trip or vacation

  • Fishing with dad

  • We are moving – new house
  • Getting my own pet

  • In the kitchen

  • Trip to the doctor or dentist

  • Spring cleaning

  • Shopping together!
  • Just you as you are in this moment in your life – portrait session

You see? Any moment is perfect to be remembered. No need to make order or kids to smile. Just enjoying your time.

We decide together how long time you want me to stay with you. Usually my sessions last about 1,5 hour to create 15-20 final images or 3 hours if you desire to have more complete covering of your life moment.

“The human face is the most extraordinary subject
for a photograph. Infinite layers can reveal the very essence of who we are and
capture us for posterity. Without the formality of a posed studio shot a
portrait can truly reveal the person in front of the lens”

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“It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head.”
– Henri Cartier-Bresson