Pleased to meet you!

My name is Jana Sebestova and I am a professional photographer. I was born and grew in Bratislava and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in in 1995.
I have always had a passion for photography since I was a child thanks to my grandfather who was a film director and my father who was both an architect and keen amateur photographer.
I grew up with film (not digital!) and spent hours and hours in the darkroom developing my black and white prints working to achieve the results that satisfied me.
I arrived in Turin in 1993 having been awarded a scholarship from the Fondazione Italiana per la Fotografia. and the city has since become my home where I work and live with my Italian husband (Piemontese doc) and two children.
Since 1998 I have worked with my husband Giancarlo Tovo in our studio in Turin and throughout Italy providing services of commercial photography interiors, event coverage and portraiture.

Fields of work

Kids and family documentary photography has developed only recently in Italy. Since I have become a mother, my sensibility to this kind of photography has become more personal, important, and relevant and as a result spurned my decision to specialize in this field. My modus operandi is to capture moments of a family life creating memories that could otherwise be lost, photographing my clients in their natural habitat where they can be relaxed and express themselves more naturally than in a posed studio shot.
On page “My style (approach)“ I describe more in depth how I work and what to expect during family sessions.
Portraiture. I work particularly with women with the intention to capture the inner beauty and idiosyncrasies that makes every woman special. The human face remains my most powerful source of inspiration.
Interiors. Every architectural space reflect the humans that have created and live within it. I endeavour to catch that relationship while revealing its beauty and intention. www.janasebestovaphotography.com/interiors
Events. I regularly provide photographic services covering cultural events creating a reportage for public relations and publication. www.janasebestovaphotography.com/events



5 keywords to define my style as a photographer:
EMOTION: the intangible spark that a photograph needs to communicate.
AUTHENTICITY: I photograph people as they really are, not posed, without props, I use light, frame it and capture a moment. I want you to recognize yourself in your photograph.
ESSENCE: perpetual research of the truly authentic shot.
RESPECT: my models can feel free to be themselves, without judgment or scrutiny. I take time to let them overcome their shyness in front of a camera, and allow their personality to shine.
KINDNESS: I love the diversity of people I encounter in my work and this helps me to be empathic, discreet, patient and help you to relax under the spotlight.
My clients refer to me as sincere, honest, sweet, smiling (absolutely true, I love to laugh, mostly at myself), creative and spontaneous.

I like to feel the wind on my on my face, to observe a ray of light which changes the aspect of very familiar thing in a single moment of time. I always travel with something blue without realizing it, and I often wear a pair of red shoes. I love people and I love to be constantly reminded that everyone has something valuable to give.